We leverage a global panel of online consumer behavior data to target and generate high quality inquiries in ways no other company can.
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Our Process

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Our leads are user specific, and the user we engage is targeted on much more than just a keyword. We look for behaviors and patterns that indicate a user is now in the action phase.

These behavior patterns or profiles provide us with templates to replicate and target similar behavior across the web. With advances in data segments, data management platforms (DMP), and advertising engagement, we are able to connect effectively with the right people at the right time.

Conversion analytics tell us what a user expects when they come to our landing pages. In order to optimize results, we run behavioral tests throughout the process. These tests allow us to understand what is important to the user and the choices they will make.

As the market is always changing, we are also continually learning. What piqued the interest of a user yesterday may not get a second glance today. We understand that perfection is a moving target and we grow and evolve to ensure our leads are relevant and of good quality.

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